Category: Design, PHP Development.
I designed and coded this site after I moved away from WordPress after some annoying issues. The backend works upon static files which contain dynamic content which can be read and displayed to the user. I also added post clipping while on the home page, which is triggered by a simple called variable in the static file, and I later added pagination for the home page to better organise it.

Martyn Watton Photography
Category: Design, PHP Development, Perl Development.
After becoming interested in photography I created an older version of this site, which I later totally overhauled to bring it to where it is currently. I scripted image watermarking and resizing using Perl for the intensive processing, and PHP to handle the Perl scripts. I was able though this to simplify the adding process by running all of the conversion in the cloud, and only a few at a time, with priority on ones which had been recently requested. For the design I wanted it very customise with my own work in the header, which I personally really like the outcome with the polaroid effect for the pictures.

Small Portfolio and Social Page
Category: Design.
I created this at first as a placeholder for the subdomain, but during the creation, I realised I could make it into a smaller portfolio of my favorite work, and social page.

Category: Design.
I designed this for my new blog, after I made the decision to start my blog up again, after leaving the old one to die.

Category: PHP Development.
I volenteered to assit in the new version which would include a major rewrite, adding new features such as a login system, an API for lookup and creating of urls with sufficient documentation to allow other developers to utilise the API, the API also included limits to avoid missuse of the API. I also created the backend administration panel to allow control of users, urls and settings for the site.

Category: PHP Development.
I was hired as a freelance programmer for this on going project, creating various scripts around the website, such as processors for login, changing user passwords, and also integration with the PHP based BoxBilling with the website.

HaydnA.co.uk (Expired)
Category: Design Alterations, PHP Development, Wordpress Development.
I worked on this blog with a friend in both of it's lives. I posted a variety of blog posts generally linked to technology, and I also kept it in working order, altering parts of the theme to fit the clients needs, and also adding various extras, such as a custom monetisation wordpress addon, and also fixing various quirks in some of the plugins he used.

Technoid-IRC (Merged)
Category: PHP Development, IRC Operator, PHPDenora exploration.
A friend and I started our own IRC network which I used a combination of PHP, MySQL and PHPDenora IRC Stats to create network badges, and other utilities for the users. I also maintained the domain and website for the network. It later merged with Windfyre which is another network I worked for.

MartyniP.co.uk DNSBL
Category: DNS management, PHP Development.
I started my own DNSBL after a number of attacks against Technoid-IRC (irc botnet), and my server (ssh bruteforce), which lead me to create scripts to automatic take failed logons on the server, and process them into the automatically generated DNSBL, and also null route (block) the IP addresses.

IntraTekk Twitter Tools (Expired)
Category: PHP Development.
This site, and project started after a friend asked a friend and myself to created a live twitter bot, with his lack of technical vocabulary. So we created a stream API based Twitter IRC bot, which then developed into an IRC based twitter client. It then grew into a number of website hosted scripts, such as tweet scheduler, and a milestone tweeter (Sent an automated tweet when you get to a milestone number of tweets on your account, e.g. 1000, 2000, 3000, etc.).

Misc. Projects
Category: Assorted.
Over my time on the internet I have created a number of scripts to done a large number of things, from simplifying my life, to creating a service my self and friends can use.

A small list of some of them:
- MartyniP.co.uk QDB
- MartyniP.co.uk Pastebin - PHP Pastebin (Beta Preview)
- auth.log scanner [PHP]
- fail2ban log scanner [PHP]
- List null routed ips [PHP]
- BOPM control [BASH]
- Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) email on login [PHP]